Be Carefull with "Pay Pal "

Be careful with paypal website that is not genuine because if you are not using paypal, you will find other Paypal website .Like this day I found it. I get a letter like this:

Online Verification E-mail ID: PP-82771-88-991881

Greetings from PayPal Inc.

At PayPal, maintaining your account's security is our top priority. To augment the security measures that we take on your behalf, there are steps that you can take to help protect your account from fraud and scams.

On 29 Jan 2009, after a regularly check of your account we notice that you receive the amount of $1.212.01 from a fraudulent PayPal account( After that, we notice that you transfer the money to the account ( This transaction that you made look very suspicious to us and we decide to temporary block your account access. These types of activity are often conducted as forms of money laundering or mail fraud and may result in significant criminal penalties. If you didn't make this transaction please visit the resolution center and urgent complete the steps to remove limitation.

Visit now the Resolution Center and complete your checklist items to remove your limitation.

The Federal Trade Commission has estimated that identity theft affects 10 million Americans per year and costs businesses more than $50 billion. Don't be a victim of identity theft.


2009 PayPal Inc.

I was confused because I do not use paypal in this month, I browse the sender.

Finally I find a website such as Paypal.The funny is its website all the key does not work, except in the fields email and password and key login. This website adress is: #. paypal account are located at this address: https: / /

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patrick 29 November 2009 at 16:01  

Paypal is a secured payment system. When you want to use paypal, it should only be at the website, no more no less.. From time to time, you will receive an email asking you to update your Paypal information, such as name, address, credit card, etc. It's an obvious form of credit card fraud and
Internet fraud! Be smart enough to recognize which one is real and not!

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