Spam Blog

Finally i get my blogs again..after indicated blog spam
to my all blogs.Imagine that,tree blogs of mine locked until twenty
working days.
One of my blog unlock at the third day,
but two of them still unlock.I wish both can be open immedietly
because both of blog use indonesian languange where i can connect to
all my friends in indonesia.

I try to find answer about what is spam blog to another senior
blogger from indonesia.
Sartika Kurniali said dont be scare
because if my blog not to spam it will unlock .Just wait. She said
reason why my blog suspicious a spam blog ,maybe too many ads and link
but too a little post.
After wait two weeks with twice order to unlock my blogs finally both
of my blog tittled My favorit Adenium
and tittled Blognya advent unlock by today.
Now i can post to all my blog.Thanks to

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