I almost on my way to the hospital for the surgery operation.

Wednesday Sept 3 ,2008 at 21:34

Dearest One In Christ ,

Calvary greetings, this is to inform you that I almost on my way to the hospital for the surgery operation. Dearly One in Christ your prayers are highly needed in this ugly condition of mine, you have to intercede in prayers continuously on my behalf asking God to grant me a successful and quick recovery.

My love one in Christ i know that the life is not easy, i want you to know that this is a task and promise i made to my husband in the presence of God, that i must make sure the fund is channelled for the propagating of the gospel of God that is why i really need the fund to be transferred to you before my going back to the hospital, please do not let the trust i have in you down, i am living every thing in the hands of God, try to do as you promised me that you will use the fund for the work of God, i will be more than happy that the fund has been transferred to you before i will come back from my surgery operation.

Dearest one make sure you follow the instruction and advice of the Rev Dr Lukas Michelle the bank director so that before my coming back i will see that you have started the work, also remember your promise to keep this matter confidential and sincerely, remember that obedience is better than sacrifice, by the special grace of God when i come back from the hospital i will go back to the bank to seek for your request,

May God lead you, comfort you, encourage you and direct you . Yours In Christ Jesus,
Mrs Rebbecca Williams.

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