Finally they beg some money

Finally they beg some money

Monday Sept 8,2008 at 15:30

MacDonald ogaraku and sons law chambers.
no.42 rue De plateau avenue Abidjan.

Cote D' ivory.

Legal process


Respected Sir/Madam,

Find via email,the out come of our verification exercise at the Allied financier bank on your behalf.

We confirmed your beneficiary status to be correct, you are therefore requested to pay for the legal fees of ($ 2,750 us dollars).for us to carry on with the documents procurement from the ministry of finance and interior.

The fees covers the following......

(1) Reactivation of the account fee: $ 1,050

(2) An anti-terrorist clearance certificate fee: $1,700

Total amount $2,750 US Dollars.

Be restful assured of our total cooperation upon your compliance.

Upon your request we shall give you the information to make the payment.

We always pledge our total service,

Yours in service,

Hon.Barrister MacDonald Ogaraku Esq,

Principal Attorney.
Tel: +225 08686149

Note; once the documents are obtained,your fund will be transferred to your nominated bank account under 72 working hour as the bank director stated today in his office.

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