Burial arrangement

Monday Sept 8,2008 at 17:03

From Doctor Perry Duke, I appreciate your concern and prayers over this late woman, meanwhile the hospital authority has concluded with the burial arrangement, and have decided to bury her by Wednesday, because we can not keep her corpse in the mortuary since there is no one to pay for the mortuary bill. Also be informed that she will be buried in one of the most popular cemetery here in Abidjan, keep on your faith in God continue the good work you have started for the sake of God and for woman sake who just past away, remember that you are not doing this for any body but this is the work of God, and every man will give accountability of his work at the last day, do not loose your faith, God will straighten you more as you help to accomplish this poor woman wish, she have died and left alone everything in your hand, don't let the devil to deceive or discourage you and your prayer and support is needed.
Dr. Perry Duke

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