Asia Petronas Online Program

Crime on the Internet, now increasingly complexs.With technological progress achieved today, not to make people more aware, but instead take advantage of technology, for no good purpose.For examples mail from Petronas

From:Ahmad shellplsmalaysia <>

The Asia Petronas Online Program.
You have been approved for a lump sum payout ($600,000) six hundred thousand dollars, in the Asia Petronas International Program. Please fill the required information below and send to our Claims Agent with the contact given below.

1..Mobile number: 2.Home number:
NOTE: All winnings must be claimed within 12 days from today. After this date all unclaimed winnings would be included in the next stake, Dr Husain Norman (Claims Agent)

If you received letter like this,dont send back.!

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patrick 29 November 2009 at 05:31  

While it's very hard to find a job these days, we still have to be very cautious with every program we come across online or in the Internet. There are many forms of Internet fraud these days, including employment fraud and Nigerian scam. It's hard to get scammed. I was once scammed and it's never easy to lose your hard-earned money!

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