Yamamoto Chemicals, Inc.


Yamamoto Chemicals, Inc.
43 Yugecho Minami 1-Chome
Yao City 581-0034,
Osaka 581-0034.

Yamamoto Chemicals, Inc. The Group's principal
activity is the production of thermal and pressure-
sensitive coloring agents for data recording papers.
The operations are carried out through the following
divisions: Dyestuffs; Chemical intermediate and Other.

Now we are looking for a representatives who can help us
establish a medium of getting to our customers in Mexico,
USA, Canada and Europe as well as making payments through
you as our payment officer.

Salary is based on percentage level. For every payment

you receive from our customers on our behalf is 10%
commission. You will also be receiving 2.5% bonus
annually for all payment receive through you to us.
If you are interested, I would appreciate you
forwarding to us the informations below;

(1)Full Names:
(2)Full Residential Or Office Address:
(3)Zip/Postal Code:
(5)Tel/cell numbers:

Please forward this information's to the email
address below : yamamotojoboffer@yahoo.co.jp

Satoru Numata

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