Trs: From Mr. Eyma Omer

Dear Esteemed Friend,

I am Mr.Eyma Omer from Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso. a banker by profession and have some friends who work with some governmental agency and they happened to award a contract to some foreign firms and in the process over priced the contracts and now the foreign firms have been paid and leaving behind this huge amount of $12million US Dollars and they contacted me to help them transfer it abroad where they will not be known to be behind the funds and the only way to do it for the safety of the government officials,

myself and you the receipient is to use this means and the money will arrive safely even though it will require some kind of financing from you and more from them.The said $12million US Dollars will be sent in batches of $4million US Dollars so that way it will be easy to carry along.

I want to use this medium to reassure you that there will be no problem as lon,g as you follow my advice all will be well at the end of the day because i have my contact person who works with a courier company they will help us package the funds and then it will be delivered to you but we would be needing the following information from you.

A copy of your Id card or international passport for easy identification by the courier company agent once they arrive your home country.

I want you to know that you will be getting 20% of the total amount of $12million US Dollars as your own share for receiving this funds for us and as well be appointed a director into the investment that they would be making in your country.There are no risks involved it is 100% assured that nothing will happen to you now or after the transaction.

I will be waiting for your earliest response to this mail.

Mr Eyma Omer

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