man who has the fear of our Omnipotent God
Dear Friend,

In fact I am very glad to have your response to my mail also many
thanks for your concern towards the actualisation of this transaction
and I encourage you not to relent in this deal because this is not
something that took me unaware rather it is a deal which i have

properly as a well experienced Banker and found out that success is
already on our-side if

only you could stick to your word i mean the assurance you gave to
work sincerely, brotherly with me to see this transaction through.

My dear i want to make it very clear to you that you are dealing with
a responsible man who has the fear of our Omnipotent God, therefore
you should not see my involvement in this transaction as an evil act
rather it is a perfect act of God.

So all I need from you now is your maximum cooperation to stand firmly
as the next of kin to the deseaed person and i am here to back you up
in the situation that the bank demand any thing from you.

As soon as i hear from you i will send to you a sketch of application
which you will fill and email it to the bank applying for the claim of
the fund and the next of kin. My dear i want us to work as a family
since no one is coming for the claim of this fund since the death of
our late customer.

The ratio should be 60-40. 60% will be for me while 40% will be for you.

Looking forward for your urgent response and further correspondence
should be on this email account and you should endeavour to keep this
transaction a top secret to avoid an eye brow tomorrow.

My dear i don't want you to look this as a devilish attempt because it
will help us for life and we will use part to this money to the less
privilege once.
You should bear in mind that there is no risk involve and you should
feel free in communication.

Dont be afraid because I am here to give you all the guidelines
required. I want you to tell me more about yourself also.I have some
questions for you..

1. what do you wish we can invest on when I will come to your country.
2. Are you ready to assist me honestly in this transaction?
3. Are there things you want to ask me?
4. I need you to tell me whether you are capable of receiving this
amount or not when transferred?

For me, I am married with three kids and has worked in this same bank for years.
I will give you the updates when I hear from you. I am expecting you
to call me for more clarifications. You should endeavour to include
your private telephone and fax number for easy communication.

Thanks and God bless.
Yours sincerely,
Mr.Micheal Tanja
Phone number : +226-7807-519

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