Please understand that this transaction concerns transferring of $10,000,000

Dear friend,

Thank you very much for your interest and willingness to assist me in this business.
I truly appreciate your strong interest and willingness to know more about the business which i have introduced to you in order to help me realize it and also share the great benefits with together me.

Be you totally assured that you will make a very wise and highly rewarding decision where you accept to assist me in this business because we have a lot to gain and many more greater deals to execute together once we have successfully completed this very transaction.It is important you know that here in Africa,as a very fast developing continent,many good financial opportunities involving millions and billions of Dollars do exist but our major problem here has been that of finding reliable and trusted foreign partners to collaborate with us.If you really prove yourself worthy,you will ever be grateful and happy throughout your life time for knowing me as your African business partner.
To be very honest with you, this transaction i have opened-up to you is totally genuine and 100% risk-free.I am absolutely assuring you that no trouble or problem is involved in this transaction either in the short-run or in the long-run because i have been working with this bank for many years,hence i know all its secrets very well and i have carefully mapped-out my perfect strategies to carry out this transaction successfully.Again,you have to understand that the deceased customer of the bank who deposited the money in question was my very close friend and i was his personal financial adviser before his accidental death,that being the main reason why i alone working in the bank here,know much about the existence of this fund and the secrets surrounding this money and its depositor who accidentally died in plane crash some years back.
Nevertheless,before we move forward with this transaction.Please it is important that we should have a brief phone discussion.Please male efforts to call me now on either of my two phone number(+22678878952 or +22676612698).Please feel free to call me at any time of your choice because the two phone numbers work 24/24 hours every day.As soon as i receive your call,i will never delay to give you more details about this transaction as well as the procedures we are to follow to achieve maximum success.Also i will send you the pattern of the the application form which you have to fill and send to the foreign remittance department of the bank here to make successful claims over the fund as the next of kin to the deceased.I hope to see your reply soonest.

Note: Please understand that this transaction concerns transferring of $10,000,000 which was deposited by a customer of the Bank here before his accidental death some years ago.I am still working with this bank currently and as an insider,i know all the secrets here and i am in better position to give you every necessary facts and information that will help us to successfully claim the fund here without any obstacle.I would want you to apply as a former business partner of the deceased bank customer and the beneficiary of the fund he deposited here,using the information about this fund and the deceased bank customer, which i will later give to you,so that the fund will be remitted into your bank account.Once the fund is successfully transferred into your bank account, i will visit your country for us to share the fund according to the percentages which i indicated in my first message to you.

Thanks and may the Almighty Bless you and your family.

Alhaji Danco.

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