Is the God answering my prays

I respond her letter

Dear in Christ
Rebbecca Williams

My happiness when i meet some one believe in Jesus Christ,because heaven will be on happiness if someone found a way of Jesus Christ.
After read completely your email i asked for my self "can i believe it ? Is the God answering my prays

Here i am
I was born on catholic simply catholic family in Semarang Indonesia .My age 37 and i was married women in August 21,2005.Until now I'm not have a child yet.But i believe God will arrange everything .I believe was Bible said that if you have a faith in the name of Jesus Christ ,you will receive anything.
My Live is fully hand over of Jesus Christ,i was live with Hand of God ,because God was prepared of this live.
Believe in the name of Jesus Christ bring me happy every day
And my complete name is ...........................
My address .............................. Semarang Indonesia
Finally thank for your attention to me

May Jesus bless you every time


(My Full name and address expressly hidden)

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