I will like this to be so confidential and sincerely

Friday August 22,2008 at 03:33
She send me :

Dearest In Christ ,
Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, i am very happy for your response to my mail, well i am not afraid of the death because i knows where i am heading to, my only problem is to see the desire of my late husband come to accomplishment now that i am alive,

so dearly one in Christ i want you to assure me that you will never let the trust i have in you down, that you will use the fund accordingly to the will of the Almighty God. I know you are surprise in receiving this letter, but as a servant of the living God, you should know that our ways is not his ways, my Bible tells me that God works in many ways and all things works out for good to them that believed in Christ Jesus, all i need from you is to assure me that you will never betray the trust i am trying to entrust in your hand for the work of God, you may asked me how i got across your email, the Bible said that who is me is greater than who of the world, the Holy Spirit that leads me to you will never let us down only if you can believe with faith.
Please, I want you to understand that this benevolence is in fulfilment of the desire and decision of my late husband which I am persuaded to actualize,this fund is designated for humanitarian and Charity services with special emphasis, which must be disbursed with every appropriation, accountability and prudence to the glory of God.

Meanwhile,i could have donate this money here in my country,but the reason is that before the death of my late beloved husband he warned me not to let his relatives know about this money because they are unbelievers ( Muslim) and he don't want an atom of this money to be use in anything Islamic,and i don't intend to disobey him even in death.

I will want you to send to me your full names and address to enable me swear an affidavit on oath on your behalf that will officially and legally approve you as the new beneficiary to this fund, so that even if i am no more, your claim to the fund will not be in doubt. I will be sending you the certificate of deposit of this fund immediately after the affidavit is ready.

I will want you to kindly be fast on your arrangement on how the fund will be transferred to you before the fall of the crises in Ivory Coast, since the political affair has affected their economy. In fact, the saints have been fasting and praying for peace for the country since the attacked of the rebels.

Ensure you reply this letter and the needed information immediately for the process of this transaction on your behalf. Most Important: I will like this to be so confidential and sincerely, also bear in mind that can not call you on phone, all our communication will be via-email because of my late husband relatives.
Thanks and may God bless us all.
Sister Rebecca Williams.

Note: I have attached the photo of my late husband and myself.I will be glad to have yours if possible.

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