Final Burial

I still receive email on Saturday Sept 13,2008 at 14:19

From Dr Perry Duke,
We are writing to inform you that we have completed the burial ceremony of this late woman, thank God everything goes well, and it was so wonderful that many people attended the burial ceremony, we also called on a pastor as we normally do at the hospital here to pray for her soul to rest in perfect peace,

and we are using this opportunity to inform you to pray and thank God for those that attended the burial, also for those that supported in the burial arrangement both financially and spiritually.
We are reminding you to accomplish the promise you decleared open to this woman during her time in this world that you will use the donation that she entrusted in your hand as her new beneficiary, which means that you are the only and legal person that has the right of claiming this fund from the mentioned Bank here in Ivory Coast West Africa, as you earlier known, we surposed not to tell you this but why we are saying this is because before she died she cried and lamanted over this fund, that even though she did not make it to life we should not forget to inform you not to betray the trust that she impose on you, so this should be the reason we have to put our interest about the fund as she explained to us that this fund is for the work of God, so we advice you to use the fund accordingly for the sake of this faithful woman till her point of death she remain faithful to God. Our advice to you, is that you should not let the struggle and intension of this Godly family that are late to be in vain, you have to be careful of this task, you know why i call it a task is because among all christians all over the world you are the choosen one, it doesn't mean that you are more righteous or precious than others but God make it possible for you to carry the cross, so think about this, and work accondinly in other to receive more blessings from God Almighty.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Perry Duke.

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